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The Latest from Canadian-made Bathtubs: MAAX and Produits Neptune

Canada is home to two bathtub manufacturers: MAAX and Produits Neptune. These companies both manufacture high quality and beautiful bathtubs – in addition to a full line of other bathroom products. Want to know more? Here is what your need to know about each company.


MAAX describes themselves on their website as a company that: “offers a broad range of bathtubs, showers and shower doors that provide the unique style, lasting quality and simple solutions desired by all our customers. By meeting rigorous quality and durability standards while offering a wide variety of product shapes, sizes, styles and prices, MAAX aims to be your brand of choice for bath products.”

Some highlights from MAAX’s product-line include:

  • Utile – Utile is MAAX’s new, innovative product that looks and feels like tile, yet snaps in place quickly and comes in a wide range of colours and designs. It installs directly onto your studs in just one day and eliminates the need for complicated tile installation.

  • Bathtubs – MAAX manufacturers a wide range of bathtubs including beautiful freestanding tubs, alcove, corner, undermount, and drop-in tubs.

  • Showers – Need a shower? MAAX has you covered. They offer literally all types of showers from beautiful glass enclosures to simple ready-to-tile options.

  • Shower Doors – MAAX offers alcove, corner, and custom configurable doors in a wide variety of finishes.

  • Barrier Free – If you require accessibility, MAAX is your solution. Their barrier free options meets accessibility codes and look great.


Produits Neptune

Produits Neptune is a Canadian company with a focus on the environment. Prioduits Neptune describes themselves on their website as: “The first company in North America to earn certification ECORESPONSIBLE, and wholly owned by its management staff, Produits Neptune provides inspiring, well-thought out product lines with enough flexibility for you to mix, match, and create your own chic, bathroom signature. With Produits Neptune, everything is possible, and everything is simple. It's all yours to enjoy, a perfect balance of form and function.”

Produits Neptune offers a full line of bathroom products, including:

  • Bathtubs – from their stand-out polymer line, to alcove, podium, corner, undermount, and freestanding models, Produits Neptune’s bathtubs are simply stunning.

  • Showers and shower bases – Produit Neptune’s acrylic showers and shower bases are available in many sizes and styles. They offer both one- and two-piece units.

  • Shower doors – Produits Neptune offers a wide range of shower doors, available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm tempered glass.

  • Toilets – most of their toilets have self-closing lids and double flush options to conserve water.

  • Sinks – Whether you are looking for a pedestal, wall-mounted, above-counter, undermount or drop-in sink, Neptune Produits offers a wide variety of options.

  • Faucets – Produits Neptune’s faucets focus on superior quality and modern and unique design.

  • Fans – Produits Neptune offer fans that are beautiful, quiet, powerful and, in some cases, provide heat.

Be sure to check out these two great Canadian companies when looking for options for your next bathroom project.

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