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How to Choose the Perfect Shower Door

A shower door may seem like a small detail of a bathroom; however, choosing the right door can finish off a space and affect the ease of using your bathroom.

Not sure where to start in selecting the perfect shower door for your space? Here are three easy steps to follow:

1. Measure your space

The door you select must fit the height and width of the opening of your shower. For accurate measurements, finish the area completely before taking measurements. This includes installing the backer boards and tiles.

Once the shower space is finished, an accurate measurement is critical. Measure once, and then measure again!

First, measure the width of the opening. To do so, measure the distance from wall to wall at the top and the bottom of the shower opening. Record the measurement accurate to the closest 1/16th of an inch. If the top and the bottom measurements are different, choose the smaller measurement.

Now, repeat that again but for the height of the opening. Measure the height from top to bottom, first at the left side of the opening and then at the right side of the opening. Record the measurement accurate to the closest 1/16th of an inch. Again, if the two measurements are different, go with the smaller measurement.

2. Select your door type

Now comes the fun part – selecting your door type! While you do have some choice here, there are a several main types of doors, and some work in certain spaces better than other. Here are some options to consider:

  • Pivot Door – Also called swinging or hinge doors, these are frameless and semi-frameless pivot shower doors that swing open like a traditional door. The benefit of a pivot door is that they are easy-access and provide a clean and elegant look.

  • Sliding Door – These types of doors are usually chosen for baths and large showers. They are frameless sliding doors that overlap in the middle, by sliding smoothly and quietly over each other. Sliding doors are a good space-saving option.

  • Steam Door – These doors are available in both the pivot and sliding door options, with one distinction: they form a tight seal around the shower opening to keep the steam in. These doors create a spa-like environment in your bathroom.

  • Round Door – Round shower doors open inwards and are perfect for corner showers. They incorporate a curved glass design and are attached to the top and the bottom of the frame. This type of door is reversible for access from either the left or the right side.

3. Choose your frame design and finish

To finish off your perfect look, the third step is to select your finish. When it comes to these small details, there are two main things to think about:

  • The frame – Frameless doors offer a clean, sleek, and modern look. They are easy to keep clean. Framed doors, on the other hand, are required for some door types (such as those that require a track). They offer additional stability but require more cleaning.

  • The finish – Most doors are made from glass, however you can choose from clear glass, for a modern look, or frosted glass, for added privacy and ease of cleaning. Glass thicknesses range from ¼ to3/4-inch, with thicker glass offering more stability.

Choosing the perfect shower door will finish off your space, and ensure that you enjoy the look and use of your bathroom for year to come. Follow these three steps and choosing your perfect bathroom door will be a breeze. Have fun!

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